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Welcome to billijah! The first Billy Boyd/Elijah Wood dedicated community on LiveJournal. Use this community for posting Billijah fics, pictures, related squees and what have you, just don't let it get out of hand.

There are just a few rules that you should have a look at, just so you don't accidently violate the rules without knowing them.


01. No fighting.
It's a Billijah community ... who needs to fight? This also goes for harassment and all those other nasty things that make people not have a good time.

02. What you can post.
Anything related to Billijah. It can be fiction, pictures, or just random babbling. The only restriction is no extreme fangirly stuff. It hurts my brain.

03. Posting fics.
All fiction posted must have ratings and disclaimers, and must be put behind an LJ-cut. Unless it is a drabble, then no cuts apply.

04. Respect others.
This sort of goes back to rule number one, but in a different context. There may be some sensitive people here, or people who have certain squicks, whatever. If you're posting something that you feel might offend some, is sexually explicit, or you're just not sure about it, post it under an LJ cut tag. Please and thank you.

05. LJ cut tag is your friend.
For images that are over 600 pixels in width, it would be much appreciated if you put it under and LJ cut tag. We don't want huge pictures messing up people's friends lists. If you don't know how to do an LJ cut tag, feel free to ask me. I'll gladly show you!

06. Pimp us!
Recommend this group to your friends! We want all the members that we can get!

07. Have fun!
I want this community to be fun and free of drama! I see any drama and I will get angry. You do not want to see me angry!

Thank you!
- anatsuno (text reused from bunniewabbit's mod days, with thanks)
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