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Title: A New habit
Pairing: Billy/Elijah
Disclaimer:Not mine, not true, not for lack of trying.

Billy's hand rose and gripped Elijah's wrist, intercepting it's path to his mouth. Elijah huffed and tugged, trying to get Billy to release his wrist, but even though the grip was gentle, Elijah could not get Billy to let go. A sigh of defeat escaped Elijah as he was thwarted.

In all that time Billy had not looked away from Viggo as they argued some point. Elijah couldn't understand how Billy knew that he was about to bite his nails. In the two years that they had been together, Billy had made it his mission to break Elijah out of this habit.
And it had worked. Elijah only did it when he was beyond bored or worried, and even then Billy still found a way to prevent him from biting his nails. Elijah smiled to himself, some of those ways were very pleasant indeed.

Elijah had begun to form another habit which was quickly becoming deeply ingrained in his psyche.


After two years together, Elijah would think he would become bored, but life with Billy was anything but boring. Falling in love with Billy was something Elijah never expected to happen. Billy was just...there..., bright green eyes, lilting voice, small hands, pretty lips and a slim compact body. If anything, Elijah thought he would fall for someone like Dom, or Orlando, or even Viggo, but no, it was a small quiet man who snuck into his heart when he wasn't looking and embedded himself there.

Elijah didn't know how it happened, but one day he was watching Dom and Billy horse around when he realized that he was looking at Billy more than Dom, who he had been attracted to. When Elijah realized what that meant, he vehemently denied it at first, but in spite of his denial, he found himself constantly watching the Scotsman. The small mannerisms, the way Billy gave his total attention to his every word and the way he continued to ingrain himself deeper into Elijah's heart without trying was cause for much nail biting.

On the day Elijah finally stopped fighting himself and how he felt for Billy, he approached him. ALL billy said when Elijah stammered his confession was a quiet "I know" followed by a small smile and a slow thorough kiss which left Elijah weak in the knees.

Now two years later, Billy still had the power to make Elijah melt, and this was one habit Elijah did not want to get rid of. He looked at Billy, who was still talking, no arguing, with Viggo and smiled. There was no doubt about it, Billy was one habit Elijah wanted to enjoy for years to come.

Word Prompt: Inverterate


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